Board of Directors

The main tasks of the Board of Directors are to determine the company’s general policy, approve the strategy and supervise the activities. The Board of Directors is the company’s supreme decision-making body in all matters other than those in respect of which decision-making powers are reserved to the General Meeting of Shareholders by law or the articles of association. The Board of Directors has fourteen members.

From left to right: François de Visscher - Bernard van de Walle de Gelcke - Baudouin Velge - Lady Barbara Thomas Judge - Alan Begg - Matthew Taylor, CEO - Bert De Graeve, Chairman - Ms Mei Ye - Roger Dalle - Maxime Jadot - Manfred Wennemer - Charles de Liedekerke - Hubert Jacobs van Merlen - Leon Bekaert
In light of the retirement age applied by Bekaert, Count Buysse and Sir Anthony Galsworthy withdrew from the Board in May 2014.

Count Buysse retired after 14 years in the chair of the company’s Board and was appointed Honorary Chairman by the General Meeting of Shareholders of 14 May 2014.
Sir Anthony Galsworthy retired on the same day, after having served 10 years on the Board of Directors.